You will need
  • - passport;
  • - certificate of completion of secondary school (11 grades);
  • - certificate of unified state exam.
Pass the required exams exam. Because the institutions of the Prosecutor's office are trained on the specialty "Lawyer", you will need to provide the certificate exam on Russian language, social science and history. Pass these exams at the highest possible score for you - this will increase your chances for admission to the budget Department.
Select the Institute of prosecution. In Russia, there are three - at the Moscow state law Academy (MSLA), as well as the Urals and Saratov law Academy. The training programme they have in common, so it makes sense to choose a school that is closer to you geographically.
Take part in competitions, the results of which takes your Institute. For example, the prosecution service in MSLA counts the results of the Olympiad in law, held at the Academy, as well as the results of winners of all-Russian Olympiad, Olympiads, Moscow state Institute, Omsk and St. Petersburg universities of the Olympiad "Lomonosov", "conquer the Sparrow hills" and many others. The winner of these contests scored 100 points in a subject that was the competition, even if his score on the exam below.
Check if you are eligible for benefits upon admission. In addition to the winners of competitions, priority admission are disabled persons of groups 1 and 2, as well as orphans.
Apply to the selected Institute. Add to the package of documents certificates of participation in contests or other documents confirming privileges if you have them. Complete the application for admission. You can provide the originals or copies of certificate on passing the exam.
If available, sign up and pass the supplementary exams are organized at the Institute on a specialty.
Wait for the order of enrollment. If you find their name, communicated to the Institute the original documents, if not done it before.