According to the criminal procedure code, the investigator is a participant in the process of consideration of the criminal case, representing the prosecution. It is in the competence of the investigator is the procedure of excitation of criminal cases and further work with them. To become an investigator, you need to get a higher education at the University of the interior Ministry.
During the training you will have to do an internship in the investigations division, and if you zarekomenduete itself from the best side, you will have to wait in the police force after graduation. In some cases, the most distinguished students take a job in the police immediately after the practice. The only disadvantage of this method – will have to combine the annual tests and constant travel. Once every 12 months will have to be verified on physical training, combat skills, and the firing of personal weapons.
For admission to higher education of the Ministry of interior you will need to pass the exam in Russian language, mathematics, history, social studies and foreign language. At the moment the most famous Russian University, training of investigators, the Academy of economic security interior of Russia, located in Moscow. If you are officially registered in the capital, the University can provide you with a hostel for the training period.
When choosing a school be sure to pay attention to the Academy of the Federal security service of the Russian Federation, which is engaged in the training of investigators and intelligence personnel. Despite the fact that in AFSB quite difficult, you should try to become a student of this University, because the quality of education here is quite high. After graduating from this University, you have the right to work is not only an investigator in the police Department, but also to the more prestigious positions in FSB.
If you do not want to move to the capital to study, the best option for you can become the branches of the Moscow financial-legal Academy, located in many cities of Russia. This University offers a small number of budget places, so be prepared for the fact that you will have to pay for it. After receiving the bachelor's degree you are eligible to continue their studies and defend a master's thesis.