In the list of entrance exams at the faculty of law consists only of Humanities. The order and times of the examinations are determined by individual higher educational institution independently.
In preparation for the entrance examinations for the law faculty are still needed at the school level to deepen knowledge of history, especially the development of state and law, and such a subject as social studies.
The first entrance examination, as a rule, is Russian language. The examination takes the form of dictation or presentation. Do not be afraid process examination, because the institutes teachers dictate texts slowly and clearly pronouncing words, like in schools.
In the case of the exam on the Russian language in the form of dictation, note the diction of the teacher, which you can easily understand where to put the comma, where, with the end of a sentence, a point. Do not confuse yourself with doubts, based on the initial feeling of hearing. After writing the dictation for voice diction, will be granted additional time for review of the text and its presentation rough with the clean version.
As for the exam in the form of presentation, the reading of the proposed applicant of the text, is pronounced at least three times. The reading is performed in fast and slow conversational pace. In this position, the applicant manages not only to memorize the text, but also to make a brief outline.
Other items that are included in the examinations in the institutes alternate in different ways. The second exam may be the story. This item need to know about the history of the development of the Russian state from ancient times and ending with a new time.
Another compulsory subject is mathematics, or the theory of state and law. Do not ignore this item, based on our own impression of its lightness. The exam of the possible questions that relate to the deep knowledge of the stages of development of foreign countries.
Exams in higher educational institutions are accepted both orally and through testing. The tests can be carried out either through computer technology or written. In this case the approved examination questions can't go beyond knowledge at the school level. Tests can be questions regarding Dating of the individual events, as well as former names, current day cities.