When choosing a legal professional, you need to immediately assess where you'll be able to get a job. There are three specializations that will not require you to have a higher legal education: "Law" (code 030503), "law and social security organization" (030504) and "law Enforcement" (030505). The first specialization necessary to work as a specialist passport or a human resources representative, attorney, investigator; the second is suitable if you intend to work in social welfare agencies. You can get them in the institution of secondary vocational education. The third specialty you can get into training courses security companies.
Higher legal education is better for you because it allows you to work completely in any area where you may need a profession. However, here has its own challenges, the biggest of which is the mandatory submission of the Unified State examination in several subjects for admission. You will definitely have to take the exam on the Russian language, mathematics, history and social studies. In addition, some educational institutions in parallel with the exam conducting internal exams. For obtaining of the legal profession will only fit the University, which has a law faculty. In some universities (e.g. teaching) to become a lawyer by enrolling in the history Department.
The most popular universities in which it is possible to become a lawyer located in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Often all the students enter the Moscow state University because the students of this institution begin to receive job offers, while still a third-year students. But become a student of Moscow state University is quite difficult, so you can apply at MGIMO, MESI and Russian University of Friendship of Peoples.
If you can't afford to live in the capital, and the Dorm your University does not provide, it's time to think about the Northern capital. Great popularity enjoys it Saint Petersburg state University of Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. This is due to the high quality of education. Also you can try to enroll in SPb ivesep and St. Petersburg state University.
Because of the great popularity of the profession to act on a budgetary place in the University is quite difficult. Most often these places give the target students as well as students who came from government agencies (courts, prosecutors, Ministry of internal Affairs, etc.). If you come as a student, remember that for five years after graduation, you will have to work only to the organization that sent you to law school. This can be avoided, but then you will have to repay organization the total cost of your training.