The question of choosing a particular institution to obtain a legal education does not lose its relevance, since this activity remains attractive and promising in our country. It is recommended to give preference to universities that are training in a different direction for the future of the legal profession, provide practical application of acquired skills. To distinguish between relevant educational institutions is usually quite easy, since in their composition there are some institutions or professions that are dedicated to various spheres of application of the acquired knowledge (e.g. the prosecution service, the justice Institute, the Institute of international law).

Where located-reputed educational institutions

The best quality of legal education in Russia are three educational institutions that are located in the capital. To them traditionally will include the Moscow state law Academy, Moscow state Institute of international relations under the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, legal faculty of the Moscow state University. These universities occupy the first place in the rankings measuring the quality of educational services in the legal field. That they should pay attention to those students who want to be really popular in the legal field, to obtain specialized education, to consolidate the acquired skills in practical activities, including the possibility of internships in other States. If the prospect of moving to study in the capital region is missing, it is recommended to choose as a place to receive this education law schools in state universities located in regional centres.

Is it worth it to get a law degree abroad

Higher legal education in some European countries traditionally valued by major employers and subsequently allows to work in large international companies. The main problem in this case is the necessity of incurring substantial costs for accommodation, training in another country. If the applicant cannot afford the tuition at Harvard or Oxford University, it is recommended to choose the law faculties in the educational institutions of Eastern Europe. Thus, the high quality demand and the relatively low cost of different education in the law faculties of Prague or Cracow University.