Before you start questioning, it is important to ask the investigator of the identity document, record information about it. The investigator should, when you fill in all the boxes of the Protocol, which specify who carries out the questioning. It is also necessary that the Protocol was recorded by all present, as in some cases, the questioning takes place in places where a lot of innocent people. Sometimes this is done intentionally so as to exert pressure on the interviewee. You have the right not to answer questions of persons not entered into the record.
Each question and answer should be recorded in the minutes. Ensure that the investigator wrote down everything exactly as you said. Any misspelled word may subsequently be used against you. You can also personally write down everything that was said.
With the active assistance of operative employees immediately after the criminal case the investigator may use to your advantage the suddenness, the speculation with the information available in the case. Posing leading questions shall be prohibited. If you notice that the investigator is trying to lead to the right answer, the answer very carefully. You can add to the answer the phrase "I'm not sure".
After the interrogation, you should carefully read the Protocol. If inaccuracies are detected, immediately require modification. In this situation, each word plays a huge role.