You will need
  • - knowledge of Russian language, history, social science;
  • - required documents: passport, certificate, exam results, photo.
For admission to law school you first need to choose a higher educational institution in which you want to obtain a diploma of education. It is best to choose a specialized institution or one of the list of the best universities in the country. Currently, you can apply to five universities in three directions each.
If you have chosen a place of learning, is to choose a specialization. One Department and may include options such as public law, civil law, criminal law, international legal jurisprudence. If you are still not clearly decided from the list to choose, apply to several training areas. The maximum number is limited to three.
Long before you chose the University and specialization, you should seriously lean on the study of the Russian language, history and social science. These are the items for which you will need in school to pass the Unified State Examination. Exam scores in these subjects will play a very important role in the admission process.
When the results of the exam and a school report will you have on hand, you need to go to apply to the selected institution. You may also need a photocopy of my passport, diploma, exam results, military registration (for boys), their original and photo 3*4.
The documents are submitted and we can only wait for the results of admission to law school in your chosen universities.