Advice 1: What to do on the coach

And in large and in small towns increases the number of different sports clubs and fitness centers. People are starting to care more about their health. In this regard, the growing demand for the profession of a coach - someone who will be able qualified to lead the sports sessions and to help students to achieve the desired results. How to get this profession?
What to do on the coach
You will need
  • - certificate of graduation;
  • - certificate of the exam.
Decide what exactly you want to do as a coach, are you going to train professional athletes, to work with children or to engage with fans just to support their physical form. Depends on what curriculum you should choose. If the fitness trainer in a private sports club can be quite simple vocational courses, for any sports Federation need higher coaching education.
Select the appropriate objectives for your school. If you have decided to obtain higher education, choose the appropriate University. It can be as Institute, and pedagogical Institute. They exist in all large cities. A few months before enrolling, contact the University and ask what documents are required for admission.

If you do not have higher education, you'll need to pass the exam. This is usually the exams in Russian language and social studies. You will also need to pass additional exam on physical training and sports specialization - one sport which you want to be a coach.
If you don't have the higher sports education, you can enroll in the College of physical culture. On the basis of 9 classes training lasts four, and on the basis of 11 classes of three years. When you receive you also need to pass the exam on the Russian language I and biology, and athletic standards for General physical training and chosen sport.
If you wish to quickly gain skills that you can take a short training course. This can be done, for example, in various schools to teach fitness trainers. Note that learning in this case will be held in a private school and therefore will be paid. But the good news is that for admission to these programs do not need to pass the entrance exams.

Advice 2: How to enter the Institute of culture

In the first days of its activity the Institute of culture was called the library. It was in 1930. Now he is the proud name of the Moscow state University of culture and arts. And a lot of boys and girls annually seek to enroll in this school.
How to enter the Institute of culture
You will need
  • The documents to be submitted to the admissions office, the result of the unified state exam.
To apply for admission to the Moscow state University of culture and arts can be anyone that has a certificate of secondary (full) General education, the diploma about the secondary vocational or higher education.
According to the official website of the University, are also allowed for admission of the citizens of Russia, other States and even stateless persons.
Visit one of the open Days, held annually at the University.
Decide which faculty you will do.
Gather as much information about the Moscow state University of culture and arts. You'll find it on the Internet or books for applicants. Take a look at the forums of students and teachers, read the reviews. This will help you to make the right decision.
Prepare all documents necessary for submission to the admissions office.
They include:
the document about education (you can provide a photocopy, but the enrolment will still need the original),
6 photos 3x4,
the certificate on results of unified state examination,
medical certificate form О86,
documents about the benefits, if any.
Prepare all of your existing certificates and letters of recommendation. They will be a good help in the interview and exam in the specialty.
Admissions open from 1 June to 14 July and from 16 July to 20 August.
Shape of University learning is different. You can enroll in daytime, evening or correspondence course, and there are both budgetary and paid places.
For free office to do that, of course, more complicated. Budget places is always a little, and some of them allocated for preferential admission out of competition. For example, at the faculty of Directing theatrical performances and festivals" they are only 13, and competition for the 7.5.
Applicants who have not passed the points on-campus, can apply for a paid or part-time education. By the way, payment at the University is relatively low, that is coming an additional advantage.
The entrance test depend on the specifics of the faculty you have chosen. In admissions or on the University website you will be able to take a complete list of upcoming exams.
If you feel insecure, you can take advantage of pre-University preparatory courses, training which lasts from 3 to 8 months.In General, Moscow state University of culture and arts has 80 years of history, has considerable experience and a long tradition. It is situated in a beautiful location and certainly will give you a lot of memorable moments during training.
Official website of the University is built pretty messy and not very user friendly. If there is something you cannot find on this site, just try to search again. All the necessary information is there.
Useful advice
Nonresident students the University provides the hostel.

Advice 3: How to enroll in the Institute of physical education

Currently, almost every city has an Institute of physical education. There you can get a profession related to sport or to develop your athletic talents.
How to enroll in the Institute of physical education
To go to sports University, you have to choose a specialty, apply, undergo a medical examination and pass the entrance exam.
Depending on the chosen profession you can immediately determine the choice of the Department of sport, humanitarian, sports and Humanities.
In the sports Department are only interested in the profile of the specialty "Physical culture" "Physical culture and sport, Adaptive physical culture", as well as the theory and methodology of sports. Sports and Humanities includes pedagogy, psychology, sports medicine, physiology etc.
The number of applicants to the place is no more than 2-3 people in place. Due to the complexity of professions in sports, humanitarian and humanitarian departments and the requirement of discharge (below the second) for sports.
A standard set of documents includes only a certificate of secondary education or diploma of secondary vocational education, certificate, exam, medical certificate, passport, registration certificate (for boys), photos 3x4. A special set of documents includes: the classification of the athlete's book, proof of benefits (certificate of master of sport or master of sport international class). If you arrive at the sports and humanitarian or humanitarian Department of the second set of documents is not required.
The entrance exams include an exam in a mandatory physical fitness examination in specialization Russian language and biology. You will need to pass the theoretical exam for the specialization, if you choose sporty specialty (physiotherapy, physiology, etc.).
In the Russian language and biology you provide the results of the exam. They are credited on the principle of pass/fail. Exam of specialization includes the delivery of standards for that sport you have chosen. For example, for figure skating and gymnastics competitions with the implementation of the program of difficulty of the second or third category.
Before the exam for compulsory physical training you will need to undergo a medical examination. Your blood pressure, eyesight, nervous condition should be OK. The exam itself includes the long jump with space, running at 1000 m, pull-UPS (for boys), push UPS (for girls).
Requirements to the standards depend on the chosen specialty. For sports, humanitarian and sporty directions requirements are more lenient.
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