You will need
  • - certificate of graduation;
  • - certificate of the exam.
Decide what exactly you want to do as a coach, are you going to train professional athletes, to work with children or to engage with fans just to support their physical form. Depends on what curriculum you should choose. If the fitness trainer in a private sports club can be quite simple vocational courses, for any sports Federation need higher coaching education.
Select the appropriate objectives for your school. If you have decided to obtain higher education, choose the appropriate University. It can be as Institute, and pedagogical Institute. They exist in all large cities. A few months before enrolling, contact the University and ask what documents are required for admission.

If you do not have higher education, you'll need to pass the exam. This is usually the exams in Russian language and social studies. You will also need to pass additional exam on physical training and sports specialization - one sport which you want to be a coach.
If you don't have the higher sports education, you can enroll in the College of physical culture. On the basis of 9 classes training lasts four, and on the basis of 11 classes of three years. When you receive you also need to pass the exam on the Russian language I and biology, and athletic standards for General physical training and chosen sport.
If you wish to quickly gain skills that you can take a short training course. This can be done, for example, in various schools to teach fitness trainers. Note that learning in this case will be held in a private school and therefore will be paid. But the good news is that for admission to these programs do not need to pass the entrance exams.