Education in the field of Humanities presupposes the acquisition of knowledge and skills in philosophy, history, linguistics, law, Economics, art history and others. Such education determines the Outlook and the overall level of human development, and for society – is the Foundation of ideological and moral education. Any faculty of education performs cultural and educational task. Without this field of education our lives would be much duller, because thanks to him there are new writers, poets, actors, musicians.

Features of education in the faculty

The specifics of education at the faculty is the high level of humanitarian knowledge, which are relevant at all times. Humanities faculty trains specialists who are successfully competing in the necessary economic conditions.

Currently, the educational process at the faculty is based on the modern techniques, the lectures often attracted the best professionals from Western universities. The faculty conducts preparation of bachelors, the training period is 4 years and masters who study for 6 years. One of the features of training on the humanitarian profile is a thorough study of a foreign language.

Professionals Humanities play an important role in the scientific and cultural cooperation of our country with other world cultural communities.

University of Humanities

University of the Humanities affirms the ideals and values of society, developing cooperation from humanizing the world, teaches and develops the students on the basis of individual freedom. Each University for the Humanities faculties is different:

- culture and arts;
- political science and international relations;
- Philology and foreign languages, and others.

They are chosen based on educational standards of modernity and efficiency of the education received. Of the Humanities become an important part of fundamental education and allow us to have specialists with a broad Outlook.

Education in the Humanities allows you to create non-specialists with a slim, special education, and these individuals with a broad view of the world, nature and man. Humanitarians balance the society does not allow him to sink into moral, spiritual and cultural abyss. Humanitarian universities continue the glorious tradition of value-oriented education.