Special item

Physical education teacher and his lessons different from other school subjects. After all, physical education classes should contain useful and fun at the same time.

The teaching profession in Russia is not uncommon. Choose, both women and men. Despite this, the labor market demand for specialists of this industry is not falling and the profession of physical education teacher, according to polls, is quite popular.

To work in the profession "teacher of physical culture" graduate school, graduated from 9th or 11th grade, you should enroll in College or a normal University for the corresponding major, for example, "pedagogical education profile "Physical culture", "pedagogical education profile "life Safety and physical culture, etc. Although, if you finish College, get a vocational secondary education and decide to link their lives with school, you will only trust primary school pupils and high – middle level. Because, most likely, still have to finish the advanced College for higher education in the same specialty.

Who will take the PE teachers

The profession of teacher of physical culture choose should be physically healthy and strong boys or girls, as the physical training should be at the teacher for physical education at the highest level. Frequently teachers of physical education become young men and women, from childhood interested and involved in sports.

The duties of the physical education teacher includes lessons, documentation (filling a class-book, both paper and electronic), to participate in the final certification, training in relevant courses at least 1 time in 5 years, replacement of temporarily absent physical education teachers, etc.

In this profession there are opportunities for career growth. Physical education teacher always may engage in paid employment in mugs and sections. There is a possibility not to go to work in the youth sports school.

The physical education teacher must be skilled in team building, because the class during the lesson should become a team or two. In addition, a heightened sense of responsibility, because it has a high level of injuries, because the observance of safety in PE is the primary goal.