Please note the date of receipt of documents: the basic requirement for admission to the School of Olympic reserve – to do everything correctly and on time. A list of required documents differ depending on which institution you choose, and however General it is necessary help about the health of the student. Also, carefully read the age limit, as each institution establish a minimum threshold below which students of the school to become not possible. Back to a certain age gate School of Olympic reserve in front of the pupil close.
Take the time to have physical training of the child. Often when applying to Schools of the Olympic reserve from it does not require overly complex elements, but ignoring the pre-workouts will lead to the fact that the training in the institution will become intolerable difficult.
Make sure that the child's desire to learn the basics of sport art in the School of Olympic reserve really belongs to him. Otherwise, it will not sustain even the simplest entrance examination, but will receive extra stress. Only in the presence of motivation he shows flexibility or strength required for admission. Remember, his psyche is still very flexible and on a subconscious level he has a very powerful protection: if the body considers that the admission to the school is for him a definite threat (as well as any undesirable event), it immediately blocks all the child's power, and he will not be able to perform simple movement.
Give your child a good night's sleep before the entrance tests and maintain proper nutrition. Athletes need a special diet, and go to it it is necessary smoothly. Therefore, start to accustom the student to the new meals in advance. Even if he doesn't go to School, this measure will not be superfluous, because by itself, the athletes food is very healthy and will bring a growing organism.