You need to get a specialized education

Swimming coach – a profession that requires special training. You must not only know the theory of swimming and swim well. You need years of special training and practice. Usually coaches in swimming are people with higher education the profile or former athletes. For work prefer to take the candidates is not below the CCM. Often you can find the wizard at the international level or medalist of the championship.

The man with a degree in physical education, may also be a good coach. You must learn the methods of teaching, a good understanding of special disciplines, such as anatomy, physiology.

Training for swim coaches in the center

Currently, each fitness center or sports Palace is your swimming coach. Training of trainees under the required coaching standard is in place. It may vary since all the clubs stick to their proven methods. Teaching methods all their own, have a specific focus and rules. Therefore, the management of sports centers prefer to train coaches on their own, under their own direction.

Despite this, for the future of the swimming coach will be useful to undergo additional training. This will not only help him to prepare well physically, but will raise its credibility in the eyes of the club administration.

Additional knowledge will help make a great trainer

In addition to its direct responsibilities, a good swim coach must possess certain knowledge, skills and abilities. It needs to be a great teacher, using various methods of educational and organizational work, especially if its activities is connected with children. Often coach student requires psychological support.

In addition, the coach should be known the rules of safe behavior on the water; the sanitary-hygienic norms to be met by the maintenance of swimming pools; safety rules and industrial sanitation.

All their knowledge of swimming coach shall, if necessary, be able to apply in practice. For example, it is very important to provide first aid. Because sometimes you have to try on the role of rescuer to pull the victim out of the water. You need to bring it into consciousness, to release lungs from a liquid, to eliminate cramps.

Knowledge of all peculiarities of this profession and the ability to apply their skills in practice will help you become a good coach, who will take on work in either the sports centre.