You will need
  • - certificate of completion of 9 or 11 classes;
  • "Student's guide";
  • - certificate of unified state exam (for seniors);
  • - passport;
  • - a certificate of vaccination.
Find the pedagogical colleges in the city. This will help the student's guide, which is sold in bookstores or kiosks.
Call the admissions office of the selected colleges and inquire about admission deadlines, required documents, availability of budget and premium outlets, the ability of the Dorm. Also, this information can be obtain in person by visiting the chosen school during the opening hours of the admissions office.
Select the specialty from the proposed school. In colleges of education to obtain the qualification teacher of pre-school institutions (kindergartens), teaching, social educator and other.
Visit the "open Day", if such event is an educational institution. Usually it is held in the spring and allows you to learn more about the place where you decided to enroll, and to attend the presentation of your chosen profession, meet teachers and students. You can get a more objective view about training in your chosen location.
Enroll in preparatory courses. This will help you to prepare for the exam for admission or for the exam, if you finish 11th grade.
Prepare the documents required for admission - a certificate of completion of 9 or 11 classes, 6 photos, a certificate of immunized, passport, certificate of passing the exam (for seniors).
Submit the documents to the admissions office within the deadline. If you arrive after grade 9, then give the entrance exam. They differ depending on the chosen specialty.