Budget form

Every citizen of Russia who have General secondary education, maybe once to get higher or specialized secondary education on a budgetary basis at a state University. This means that a student's tuition paid by the state. The student to take exams on "good" and "excellent" paid scholarship. The one in the record book are only "five", can count on an increased stipend. Budget places to eat and in some private universities, but they are usually very small. Go to the budget Department is usually on competitive basis after passing the unified state exams on the list approved by the higher education institution and published on the official website. Some higher education institutions are granted the right to conduct additional entrance tests – for example, an interview or a creative contest.
With the budget office the student can be expelled for academic debts. You can recover, but the procedure is in most cases paid for, and to continue training only on a contract basis.

Contract form

If the contract form, the student pays for the training himself. He goes to school too, on a competitive basis, but also enters into a bilateral agreement with the University or College. In the agreement, among other things, specify the amount and terms of payment. The fee can be paid once a semester or monthly, this determines the University. The student may be expelled not only for the academic debt, but also for non-payment.
The amount of payment may be changed, and often upward.

The state order in education

In recent years, Russia has increasingly practiced a system of state order in education. This is also a contractual form of training, but pays not a student but a business that need a specialist of a particular profile. Is a tripartite agreement between the student, the highest educational institution and the enterprise. In addition to paying for the training, the company can provide to the student and some social services to pay for accommodation, travel to the training site and back, as well as enhance the scholarship. The company also provides the opportunity to practice where a person will work. The student is required after graduation to work at the company for several years. If he gets expelled, he must reimburse the company costs. Admission to higher and specialized secondary schools is also carried out on a competitive basis.


In small communities practiced and partially paid tuition. For example, the University opens a branch office, rents space, invites the teachers. Students taken in the budget Department, the tuition is not paid, but other costs fall on their shoulders, that is, they make money for rent and utilities. In any case, it is much cheaper than training on a contract basis.