Advice 1: What is the contract form of training and budget

A Russian citizen there are several ways to receive higher education. The main forms of two – budget and contract. The main difference is who pays for the training. It may be the state or the student himself. There are intermediate forms, when training specialists desired profile Finance this or that industry or particular company.
The applicant may choose the form of obuchenie

Budget form

Every citizen of Russia who have General secondary education, maybe once to get higher or specialized secondary education on a budgetary basis at a state University. This means that a student's tuition paid by the state. The student to take exams on "good" and "excellent" paid scholarship. The one in the record book are only "five", can count on an increased stipend. Budget places to eat and in some private universities, but they are usually very small. Go to the budget Department is usually on competitive basis after passing the unified state exams on the list approved by the higher education institution and published on the official website. Some higher education institutions are granted the right to conduct additional entrance tests – for example, an interview or a creative contest.
With the budget office the student can be expelled for academic debts. You can recover, but the procedure is in most cases paid for, and to continue training only on a contract basis.

Contract form

If the contract form, the student pays for the training himself. He goes to school too, on a competitive basis, but also enters into a bilateral agreement with the University or College. In the agreement, among other things, specify the amount and terms of payment. The fee can be paid once a semester or monthly, this determines the University. The student may be expelled not only for the academic debt, but also for non-payment.
The amount of payment may be changed, and often upward.

The state order in education

In recent years, Russia has increasingly practiced a system of state order in education. This is also a contractual form of training, but pays not a student but a business that need a specialist of a particular profile. Is a tripartite agreement between the student, the highest educational institution and the enterprise. In addition to paying for the training, the company can provide to the student and some social services to pay for accommodation, travel to the training site and back, as well as enhance the scholarship. The company also provides the opportunity to practice where a person will work. The student is required after graduation to work at the company for several years. If he gets expelled, he must reimburse the company costs. Admission to higher and specialized secondary schools is also carried out on a competitive basis.


In small communities practiced and partially paid tuition. For example, the University opens a branch office, rents space, invites the teachers. Students taken in the budget Department, the tuition is not paid, but other costs fall on their shoulders, that is, they make money for rent and utilities. In any case, it is much cheaper than training on a contract basis.

Advice 2: What is training on a budgetary basis

The essence of training on a budgetary basis is that for students paid by the state. Today everyone has the right to participate in the competition for free places, of course, if receives his first degree.
What is training on a budgetary basis

How to get a budget place

However, to get such a place is not so easy, given that every year their number is rapidly declining. First and foremost, the applicant needs to prove himself well in the unified state testing, the results of which are enrolled in the desired institution. Will not be superfluous prize-winning places on city Olympiads on the subjects that will dominate in your profession.

Of course the government care about the people who because of certain circumstances cannot enter the Institute on a common basis. We are talking about children with disabilities, they are provided with incentives to enroll in higher education.

Also, the applicant can go to the so-called deal with any organisation that will pay his tuition. As a result the future specialist will have to work a notice period in the organization, often about five years. In case of violation by the user of the obligations of the contract with the organization will be terminated and he will have to pay for it out of pocket. This type of instruction is called the target. The number of target sites is also limited.

The advantages of studying on a budgetary basis

Students studying at the expense of the budget, are eligible to receive a scholarship. It's kind of a reward for diligent study. It is given to those students who regularly attend all classes and pass exams on the level not lower than four on a five point scale.

Those students who come from far away, can also claim a place in a hostel, which is the school, this student needs to have visitor registration.

For excellent results, a student may be awarded a ticket to a sanatorium or student camp. That is in charge of the trade Union Committee created by the school.

Where there are low places

To hold a contest for free training has the right not only public schools, more recently the opportunity was there, and many commercial institutions, but they must be accredited and licensed. Every major city has a state University or institution. If you do not pass the exam scores for a budget place you are interested in majoring in one city, you can always try to apply in another. The number of required points can be very different.

Advice 3: How to buy a contractual engine

At present, more and more car owners use the services of companies supplying contract engines. In these units attracts exploitation outside of Russia, working only for the quality of fuels and lubricants and maintenance only service centres, which undoubtedly increases their resource.
How to buy a contractual engine
The question of the purchase contract engine has a number of subtleties, focusing on which will be the key to a successful acquisition. When you buy a contractual engine, make sure that the vendor has a good reputation and you can rely on him. Not looking for cheap proposals from individuals, because you risk to lose invested in the purchase money, in vain trying to prove that the unit purchased is faulty.
Tell the vendor the correct details of your vehicle: model, make, chassis number, year of manufacture, engine number, VIN code for European cars. Ask the provider to provide you a picture purchased your contract engine, so you can compare the device in its ordering and receiving.
Be sure to learn how to guarantee your vendor provides on this engine and how long the period of its validity. It is also important to know the conditions of installation and operation of the device.
With the same provider buy oil filter and engine oil. In this case, when the unit fails, the supplier will not be able to present you claims relating to the usage of substandard supplies.
Find out what documents are attached to the device. Contract engine needs to go the public customs Declaration and contract of sale. The absence of these documents indicates that the engine has already operated on territory of the Russian Federation.
Learn all about the stock engine-mounted units. As a rule, it has alternator, starter, power steering, distributor, AC compressor, exhaust and intake manifold. The lack thereof gives you a reason to resort to bargaining when buying contract engine.
Payment is made on the receipt or in cash, as the fact of payment, made by transfer of funds on a plastic card difficult to prove.
Ask the supplier that the unit was wrapped in tape, that when a delivery is not removed a single element, the engine was in a wooden crate, before shipment was made the inventory of the engine, and the documents were transferred to the company carrying out the transport.
Upon receipt of the unit, verify the integrity of the film, crates and all necessary documents.

Advice 4: What is higher education

The availability of education in the modern world has become something of a criterion of identity and the person as such. The man without education is almost no chance normal to build your life. Higher education in most countries is a must for people who want to achieve something meaningful in life.
What is higher education

Higher education — upper level of education vocational or secondary. To higher education is possible after graduating from College or University (applicable for Russia, in other countries, the system of universities is about the same, but the names can sometimes vary).

The training is 4-5 degrees for most majors, after graduation, the graduates become specialists (5 years of study) or bachelors (4 years). In Russia at the moment, stopped training. There are only 4-term system of training— bachelor's degree (however, students who began learning specialist, graduate specialists), after which students can continue their education in graduate (students also can enroll in a master's degree).

For higher education in some professions, such as medical, training can be up to 9 years. As the exceptions are universities that train people for service in the internal organs, after they, the graduates are awarded the military rank, not a degree or bachelor (with the exception of the legal profession).

Education in universities in most majors may be intramural and extramural. There are also part-time, free and evening training, as well as the form of external studies. In some countries there is also a division of students on the form and purpose of teaching, according to which they may be called regular, voluntary, conditional, random, etc.

Higher education, though that is recommended, but, in contrast to the common (middle), optional. Most courses at the universities have a budget designated for training (free training) and commercial (for a fee per year or month). The distribution of students into one or another form occurs at the end of entrance examinations (at the end of the exam). Students with the highest scores for exam received on the budget.

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