You will need
  • documents for admission
Gather the necessary documents. Get the list of documents for admission from the admissions office or on the website of the institution. You may need application form, medical certificate f. 086, 6 photos size 3x4 cm (colored or black and white), photocopy of passport and health insurance policy, photocopies of INN and the insurance certificate of pension insurance, the document on education.
Come personally to the admissions office – not all information can be found on the website of the institution. Admissions are usually open all year round.
Find out from the admissions Committee on rules of procedure for admission to the College. To enroll in the College of Railways on the basis of 9 classes, and on the basis of 11 classes. Depending on the database, change the list of entrance exams. Applicants who have finished 11 classes, file with the Commission the certificate of the exam in Russian language and mathematics. Completed 9 classes will have to pass entrance examinations in these subjects.
Decide on choice of profession. In the railway College, you can master different professions, such as Construction of Railways, tracks and track facilities", "Technical running of lifting, building and road machines and equipment", "Technical maintenance of railway rolling stock" and "Organization of transportations and management on transport". Here you can also get popular, specialty "Computer networks" and "Economics and accounting".
Remember that the reception of documents is conducted in a strictly prescribed period, serve the documents on time. In most schools, the documents are accepted from June to mid-July, in July, there are entrance exams (if any), and in August, become known lists received. To enroll in this school is easy, and studying at the railway College promises a lot of prospects.