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  • Higher education institutions and individual faculties with the direction "Tourism" are very popular in cities with a thriving service sector and hospitality and host to thousands of tourists every year. It is not surprising that many young people are attracted to the prospect of working in tourism. It is not only the possibility of good employment prospect of interesting work, regular trips abroad, communicating with people from different countries, but also gain knowledge in the field of geography, management, personnel management.
  • In different faculties with the specialty "Tourism" can take the following exams: history of Russia, social science, Russian language, foreign language, geography.
Social studies. Most often found as a core subject for the specialty "Tourism", and this is not surprising. In order to work in the field of tourism and to tell visitors about their city, country or the virtues of other countries need to understand public laws, monitor changing social or political situation.
The History Of Russia. Is considered a core subject in many universities with the specialty "Tourism". To know the history and culture of his country is especially important for professionals specializing in domestic tourism.
Foreign language. This item is not always required for this profession but it is the most in demand for professionals on foreign tourism. After all, to fly to foreign countries or to accept foreigners in your own country, you need to be able to perfectly speak and understand a foreign language. Even if a foreign language is not in the list of profile upon receipt of, in addition to examine it for this specialty will be very useful.
Geography. Often found in different universities in the list of core subjects to explore specialties. And for good reason. Manager or instructor on tourism must have excellent knowledge of the area, to understand the cards, be aware of the changes in the geopolitical map of the world.
Russian language. Travel specialty is the Humanities, so that knowledge of mathematics no one demand can not, but the result of the exam on the Russian language will be considered in the total score of the entrant.