Select one or more specialties for admission in railway Institute: Manager, economist, engineer, transport, specialist services etc.
Turn in exam in educational institution or take a test in the University. To enter the railway Institute is required to take 3 exams. For most jobs need Russian language and mathematics, and the third - depending on the chosen specialty, this could be mathematics, physics, history, literature, computer science, biology, geography or a foreign language.
Deadlines for entrance tests in the Institute of railway transport specified in the admissions office and on the website. In some institutions train the 3rd exam need to take orally.
Submit to the admissions office of the Institute or mail the following documents:
- the copy or the original certificate of education;
- a copy or the original certificate with results of unified state examination;
- a passport copy;
- 6 black-and-white photos 3x4 cm area on the right.
Each category needs a separate package of all documents. The originals can be taken, if you want to go in railway Institute only on one specialty.
If the applicant has an electronic digital signature in accordance with the Federal law of 10.01.2002 № 1-FZ "On electronic digital signature", it is possible to send documents by e-mail.
Find out the results of the competition. If you pass the railway Institute on a budgetary place, then bring the original documents (upon delivery of the copies), if paid training, pay for the first course required of majors and bring the originals.
Wait for admission to railway Institute. After enrolment, usually at the end of August, a meeting is held for students, which briefly discussed the course program. Then the posted schedule of classes, and training begins.