You will need
  • - passport;
  • - the certificate on use results;
  • - the passport.
Early in pedagogical universities it was possible to obtain only education as a teacher. Now, due to the lack of wanting to master this difficult but necessary profession, many universities such profile began to open, and other specialties on the basis of his educational institution.
First and foremost, in pedagogical higher education institutions create economic faculties. It became possible to receive education in the field of marketing, management and management control, insurance, economy, management and economy of enterprises, etc.
Also most of these universities have opened faculty of tourism, service and tourism. On this faculty it is possible to obtain the specialty in various areas in this field. It is possible to master the profession of a tour guide, organizer of tourist services and many others.
In addition, the faculty of pedagogy and psychology appeared education psychology organizational and managerial activities, which will be very helpful when working in a large company, as well as other interesting fields.
Always remain available to the faculties of history education, Philology, foreign languages, physics, computer science, mathematics, etc. In these departments, you can get a quality education of the teacher, which is now not very common.
To study at the pedagogical University in one of these faculties, you must first decide, and then find out what subjects you need to pass the exam for admission.
Passing the exam for a high score, you have the opportunity to do on a budget, but if you wrote the exam is not very big score, then pass the just for the commercial Department. To find out, you need to come with all the necessary documents to the admissions office of pedagogical University in your city.