Advice 1: How to enroll in culinary school

Knowledge of the characteristics of enrolling in culinary school will help the applicant in preparing for exams and during them. The ability to demonstrate their experience and skills in the interview – plus in the Treasury of the future of the student.
To become a high level chef to work in top restaurants to create culinary masterpieces – for some it is a cherished dream. How should I start yesterday's student to approach her?

Required documents

Selecting a specific culinary school, the applicant must collect the documents and return it the admissions Committee.

• Statement.
• The original passport.
• 6 photos of 3x4.
• The original document on education (diploma of NGOs, certificate).
• Certificate of the exam result or the GIA.
• Health insurance policy.
• Doctor's certificate (form 086-y), confirming the absence of any contraindications to study in the College in the selected direction.

Entrance test

1. After 9th grade: Russian language and mathematics. In most schools interviews are being conducted.
2. After 11th grade: Russian language and mathematics. Enrollment in the school may be based on the results of the exam.


Some culinary colleges recruit students without entrance exams. The selection Committee, in addition to the results of the exam, the interview will pay attention to your personal qualities. You can ask why you decided to choose this profession, if you can endure more physical activity, will inform about the nuances of working as a cook. Also for admission you may ask, do you have artistic taste and imagination, as the cooking and design is a creative process.

Knowledge is power

To know about the latest technological developments, to be able to assess the quality of a dish, talk about current trends in the field of culinary arts, leading to know about the chefs of the world – all this will make a good impression on examiners.
Safely share your knowledge. The interview is not the case when modesty adorns. In the exam you have the opportunity to Excel and be in good standing with the teachers.

Becoming a chef is a wonderful decision, because it is one of the most sought-after professions in the world. Get ready to study a lot and work on yourself. All you need to not only be able to mix the required proportion of ingredients and bring them to full readiness. You have to get knowledge in various fields of science and art, and to bring your experience to perfection.

Advice 2: How to go to College

After the choice has been to College, you need to know a few things for future admission. To enroll in the College, in principle, the task is not heavy.
How to go to College
You will need
  • Passport;
  • the education document of the state sample;
  • certificate exams in school.
  • medical certificate;
  • 6 photos 3*4;
First you need to finish school. In College you can do after the 9th grade or after the 11th.
Think what you want to be, that might be of use to you in life.
After collecting all the necessary documents, go to the admissions office. You will be asked to write an application for admission.
Then you will need to pass two exams: Russian is obligatory, and the second depending on who you are going to do.
If you have good exam results, maybe you will not need to pass the entrance exams.
Useful advice
It is not necessary to razgildyaya and score for study. Studying in College usually gives a lot of knowledge, which are then useful in life and work.
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