Foreign language. Of course, the main item that will need to know all the students of the faculty of foreign languages, English, German, French or Spanish. During preparation for final exams need to pay special attention to not only the knowledge of words and grammar, but also the ability to recognize foreign speech and speak the language. A foreign language is traditionally considered the school one of the most difficult subjects for most students, so those students who want to pass the exam in English at a high point, usually a lot of have devote and self-employment, or training course and with a tutor.
Russian language. It is a compulsory subject for graduates to pass it will have in any case, whatever the specialty, the applicant may arrive. And, of course, future linguists should perfectly understand not only the rules of a foreign language, but also perfectly speak Russian. In addition, high scores on this item can help to collect the highest total score for admission to the University. Usually Russian language for the Humanities is not considered to be a complex subject, so to prepare enough and independent efforts.
Literature. About half of higher education institutions for specialties of the faculty of foreign languages chooses literature as a third subject for admission. This is especially true of the specialty "Translation and translatology".
The studies dealt on a specialty in the study involving social processes or psychology, for example, "Theory and methodology of teaching foreign languages", "Publishing", "International relations".
If the profession is associated with culture or history, for example, in the tourism field, in relevant subjects may appear the History of Russia. However, this is not always interrelated, and choose history as a major subject, the University can and other specialties of the faculty of foreign languages.
Some universities can arrange in addition to the mandatory exam your internal exam. Internal exams are held usually after passing all the exam. The faculty of foreign languages this exam is conducted in English or another foreign language, orally or in writing, depending on the order of the rector.