Many universities give the students ready, printed, diaries, according to the production practice. You will only have to fill it regularly. On the title page of this document enter your surname, name and patronymic. The name of the faculty where you study, specialty group number. Enter the surname, name and patronymic of the head of your practice from the University and from the company, specify dates of internship, a position in which you were working at the plant.
Usually form in a journal table. Obligatory graphs fill in the table are serial number of the record, the contents of work performed, dates of its beginning and end, reporting form, mark the head of the practice with the evaluation of the student.
Fill in the diary daily. This will help you in the details to remember each day and to collect economic, analytical and statistical material on the practice in full.
Fix all of the work performed, formulate in detail all items of its content, analyze the results, write down the questions that arose for you during the execution of each task, mark the results which have been achieved.
At the end of the diary summarize their activities at the enterprise. Mark those issues that were resolved in excess of the approved outline of production practices.
Confirm each entry signature of the head of industrial practice from the enterprise. Because the diary is an official document, the signature must be certified with the seal of the enterprise.
After the practice, provide all the documents on it to your supervisor from the Institute, a high school teacher. On the basis of the details filled in the diary and the report it will be easy to make an objective opinion about your work.