Report on the pre-diploma practice is a practical work outlining the results of the research activities of the enterprise. It includes theoretical and practical aspect of the issue standing in the subject of the thesis. The report, usually performed during the adventures of the practice or after graduation, when a whole volume is required to write information.
Report on the pre-diploma practice consists of several parts: title page, blank assignments, contents, introduction (1-2 pages), main part (25-30 pages), conclusion (3-5 pages), bibliography (20-25 sources) applications. The total number of sheets in reporte must be at least 30-35.
In the introduction to the reportand indicates the name of the company, the study, the relevance of the chosen topic, aims and objectives, methods used in the analysis.
In the main part of the diploma should be 2 or 3 sections. One of them provides a brief description of enterprise, main activities, goals, results of operations, market position.
In the second section of the main part specifies the theoretical basis of the study, methods and ways of studying the question, the appropriateness of their application. Here the student selects the set of techniques and methods which, in his opinion, can reveal the fullness of this topic.
The third section involves the application of selected methods of learning for a particular company. In this section you calculated the metrics, their use, results of operations.
The conclusion allows to make a conclusion about the work done, identify gaps and weaknesses in the enterprise, and the experience of his strengths. In this part of the reportand shall include the results of a study of ways of improving the activity of the enterprise.
As a rule, to reportfrom on the pre-diploma practice attached opinion of the internship supervisor from the enterprise. It notes the relevance of the topic chosen, the advantages and disadvantages of the reportand full disclosure of the issue. Review signed by the supervisor and fixed by the seal of the enterprise.