Fill all mandatory columns, which contains information about your name and surname, place of study, address of residence and place of practice. Specify the full name of the enterprise, do not forget to specify the exact start and end time of work. What are the full name and title, under whose leadership took place the practice.
The report should begin with a description of the company where you practiced. If you passed the trial practice, the General characteristics of the company, specifying the main directions of its activities, describing the structure of the enterprise. Production practice implies a greater involvement in the company. Tell me, how long has this organization, what place it occupies in its field.
Reflect in its report the specifics of the organization where you interned. Economists should first conduct a financial analysis of enterprise activity, result statistics, and to assess the dynamics of growth. Lawyers can describe the structure of the organization and specify the legislation with which they worked. Managers and marketers need to pay attention to the work of the marketing service, development strategies, the analysis of possible consumer audience.
The important part is report on what work has been done by you. Write which documents were studied during the practice, what was your job description what activities you participated in, and directly organized. Attach to the report and supporting documents.
List the knowledge and skills you acquired at work. Your report needs to reflect how you are in practice able to apply the theoretical knowledge gained in University. Illustrate this with an example of a specific work situation: describe the problem and how you managed to cope with it.