Prepare in advance a template to fill in internship journal. It is most convenient to do it in a text editor. Create a table with three columns and number of rows equal to the number of workdays that you will hold in practice. Title the table as "Diary of the production (pre-diploma) practice." The first column must be named "date", the second "Job", the third "set". After the table, leave space for date, signature of Director and seal of the organization, which is the basis of practice. The template can be printed and filled out by hand or fill every day in a text editor, print the last day in order to affix the signature.
As you practice daily record of what you have done in the framework of its passage. In the first column enter the date in format day.a month.year. Here is the second column of the record made in this day job. Assignments in practice should be classified in the special practice plan, which is developed by the scientific supervisor with the features of base practices, curriculum of specialty and individual abilities of each student. Ideally, all objectives of the practice plan must be executed in order, and the record of their implementation should be recorded in the diary. The observance of the practice plan is to keep the head of the organization that leaves a mark in the third column of the diary.
After the end of practice diary must be signed by the head of the organization. The diary can also have a title page, which shall include the initials of the student, name of the base practice, as well as the names of the leaders from educational institutions and organizations. More detailed requirements for practice diaries as a rule, specified on the installation conferences at each individual University.