Typically the diary on the introductory practice has a well established shape and divided into columns: date, place of practice, an indication of the amount of work that the student completed for the day, signature of the supervisor and the seal of the organization.
The first day should begin with a familiarization tour of the company that sent you. In HR you will obtain the faculty supervisor, who will talk about the organization and their functioning. The results of such excursions should be briefly reflected in the diary, and more fully and disclosed in the report, which also surrenders to the Department. You should also become familiar with labour regulations, local acts and Charter of the organization - you for a short period, become the same employee, like others, and must comply with the internal labor schedule. All acts and documents which you have studied should be listed in the diary and attached to the report.
Diary you have to fill every day throughout practice, every day noting a particular action, which you are instructed to make the head.
After filling in the diary should start writing the report, which is written on the basis of the work. The report should consist of an introduction in which you want to specify a brief history of the company, goals and objectives, which it pursues in its activities; the main part, in which the student describes all the tasks, the tasks that he had to do during the internship; the final part, which is a kind of analysis of all the work done that reflect the pros and cons of the functioning of the company, prospects of its further development, as well as suggestions for improvement of the production process.
The report can be supplemented by various diagrams and tables that are best to execute in the application.