You will need
  • To write a report on the practice quite easy, even if practice was a supervision over work of employees of a particular organization. All you need is a couple of hours of time and simple logic.
A lot depends on what kind of practice you passed. When arranging internships can simply describe everything you have learned. If you, for example, an Intern in the legal profession, please describe what the company stands for, where it was held, what laws and other legal acts gave you to read the staff. Specify that you are interested in this company, don't forget to mention that he would like to continue to develop in the direction in which the company operates (even in the absence of such wishes, because the Department no one will test you on a lie detector). At this stage you need to show interest in acquisition of practical skills and a desire to grow.
A report on industrial practice will be a little difficult. There is already enough "work-description". During the internship you will be required to actively participate in the activities of the company. It can be simple documents, search and analysis of information on the Internet, writing articles - it all depends on the specialty. Describe it in detail and attach copies of at least some of your work. As a rule, report production practice needs to contain the application.

Your goal in this case is to show that you have learned to apply at least some of the received knowledge in practice.
Report on passage of pre-diploma practice, in General, coincide with a report on the practical. However, it is worth to focus also on what is the internship helped you in working on your thesis. If you notice some situations that illustrate the problem you highlight in the thesis work, describe it.
It is no secret that many of us "pass" a practice only formally. But report you need to pass in any case. What to do in this case? Use connection. Ask seniors how they wrote the report? Are there any drafts? What are the requirements? The main thing to remember is that if you interned at a construction firm, it is not necessary to request a draft from someone who took it last year, for example, in the institution, and to hand it over, changing only the name and group number.

No matter how good and appropriate it may seem to you a draft received from some "kind soul", not necessarily "dilute" it with new information because of overly meticulous teachers can always remember that last year someone handed them the same. To find this new information is simple: you must know what can do the entry-level technician with your education. Win - win situation- administrative-technical work, e.g., preparing copies of documents, information gathering, proofreading. Can be, in extreme cases, and the wording "participated in this project in some detail.