Each school usually sets its own requirements to the design of the diary for the practice. However, there are certain rules, which adhere to all the universities.
The title page of the diary shall contain information about the trainee: surname, name, patronymic, speciality, faculty, group number, and serial number of course. In addition, the title sheet should include the name of the enterprise or organization where the student is.
On the following sheet is put during the internship period, the Department where worked, a student, surname, name and patronymic of the head of the practice.
This is followed by a table that specifies the following headers: date, content of the work, the results obtained, the signature of the head of the notes (it can be described difficulties encountered in the course of work, ways of their solution). Graphs are filled daily as you practice. After this work the student enters the information into the diary and gives the signature of the Manager who checks the accuracy of information and correctness of filling. At the end of the diary of the Director usually writes the characteristics on the student, said he received the skills, training level and professional quality.
On the last page of the diary shall be signed by the faculty supervisor and the seal of the organization. The diary along with the report the student passes the test supervisor from the educational institution that views it and signs.