Together with the internship supervisor appointed by the enterprise, develop and approve a calendar-thematic plan of practice. Discuss with him the plan of your reportand consult on issues that are going to be reflected in a reportE.
In the introduction tell us about the purpose of the internship and tasks that were assigned to you by the leaders in the Department and from the company.
Give a brief description of the company where you are undergoing internship. Describe the amount and type of industries and enterprises, the profile of its activities, organizational structure, technological peculiarities, the characteristics of the activities and functioning of the enterprises in the specific economic conditions.
Describe the methods of enterprise management, methods of economic analysis. Reflect the development and use of new technologies, as well as the measures undertaken by the management to improve the activities of this company.
Tell us about the range of products, the frequency with which it updates. Provide key indicators of organizational and technical level of production. Describe technology and equipment used on it. Assess the specialization, cooperation, the degree of utilization of the design capacity. Tell us about the interaction with suppliers and customers, buyers, reflect the presence of direct agreements.
Give a description and evaluation of the business, structure, accounting systems, organization of document management system. Tell us about the use of forms and methods of accounting, the effect of the internal control system. Evaluate the contents and methods of statistical and analytical work at the enterprise, tell us about the unit that does it.
Draw conclusions about the work done. Brochurethe report, sign it, have one supervisor from the enterprise, get it evaluated and do not forget to assure the signature stamp of the company.