First of all, write about the place where you did an internship. Specify the legal name of the firm/company, and then in more detail tell us why you chose it. If the process of obtaining a place in the company of your dreams accompanied by some difficulties you has successfully managed to reflect this nuance in the diary.
Keep a journal describing each day of operation at the new location. Write the date of the first day of practice. Tell us what expectations you appeared in the office or in the workplace. As accurately as I can tell the first job that you had instructed the head. If you have supplied a minimum of information that you will need when it runs, or just give tips, don't forget to reflect this in the diary.
Remember how you approached the task. What plan or strategy for achieving the objective of developed or at least approximately imagined mentally. Give the search process for the optimal algorithm as accurate as possible – so you can show how clearly, systematically, orderly, you started to perform their duties. Look at this process from two perspectives – reflect your thoughts and feelings that came at that moment, and at the same time look at the situation from the outside, using the opportunity to observe and evaluate their mistakes, or, conversely, good decisions.
Tell us how you performed the task. Pegmatite those differences with the plan or your expectations that inevitably occur during the real work in certain circumstances with certain people. Remember, what resources you need, helped if you were there any unexpected problems. Don't forget to provide a statement of hardship that explains how you coped with them.
Note which skills and knowledge acquired in school, you needed to practice, and which may not be enough and you had to learn some aspect of the profession.
Supply a clear description of the working process "lyrical digressions". Tell them what are your relations in the team, how fast and how easily you fit in. Bring your observations associated with the structure and functioning of the company where you interned.
Describing all the days of the production practice according to this scheme, summarize. Make a conclusion about how successful it was for you, can you talk about your professional progress, coincided if your ideas about the work in the chosen specialty with the real state of Affairs.