When you run the report on production practices adhere to the following structure. Original complete cover sheet. It specify the name of the company where is your practice; school name; your name; data curator at the enterprise and teacher training institutions. This is followed by the table of contents, introduction, schedule of practical training. Match schedule in weeks, indicating the dates and works performed in the enterprise. For example, 01.11 - familiarity with the structure of the organization, induction.
In the main part of the report describe the activities of the organization, the main issues raised during the internship according to the plan, by the school. Finished the main part of the analysis of individual tasks you have completed. In conclusion make conclusions on the economic activities of the organization, voicing your suggestions for improving the structural work of the Department in which you held practice. The report concludes with a bibliography, an Appendix of documents from which data were used in the report.
Report on industrial practice should serve to further the main instrument for writing the thesis. Writing a report and choosing a enterprise, keep in mind the specifics of the organization, availability of key documents that will be needed for calculations. As a rule, during the internship a student is a fixed-term employment contract, and it may be an item for nondisclosure of trade secrets.
In many organizations, such as banks, large industrial enterprises, will not give you required for writing of report papers because they are a trade secret. In this case, revise thesis or choose a organization simpler.