Report on practice should be structured with the following sections: contents, introduction, main body, conclusion, bibliography and applications. In the table of contents specifies the name of the sections and subsections of the report, as well as the page numbers corresponding to them.
The introduction should start with name of the company where the student interned, divisions, list of job duties and name of supervisor. This section specifies the purpose of the study, objectives, methods, relevance of the topic chosen.
The main part of the reportand in practice should include 2-3 sections. They generally correspond to tasks that are listed in the introduction. If there are two partitions, then usually one of them is theoretical and the second practical, relating directly to the activities of the enterprise. However, most often the main part of the reportand consists of three sections.
The first section discusses the goals and objectives of the enterprise activity, the legal basis for its work, a brief history of its origin. This paragraph specifies which units and departments exist in the enterprise, what are their functions, describes the main results of its activities, as well as a place in the market.
In the second section of the main part indicate a more narrow footprint of the site about a certain topic. It the student selected research methods, the need for their use for the specific situation, indicates the validity of the choice. This section is rather theoretical in nature.
The third section is the analysis of the collected material, calculated the required performance indicators, describes the efficiency of work and makes suggestions for improvement in this direction.
The conclusion summarizes the work accomplished, indicates the completeness of the study material deals with more complex issues, ways of their solution.
In the list of references lists all guidelines, recommendations, instructions, regulations, which were required for writing the report.
The application includes various documents on the basis of which was made the report. This can be all sorts of graphs, tables, calculations, studies, sample agreements, provided that they are not a commercial secret of the enterprise.