Complete a cover sheet (each school provides their specimen in the guidelines) and the contents indicating the page numbers of all sections.
Write an introduction in which you identify the relevance of your topic, aims and objectives of your practice and report. Analyze the sources used and materials obtained during the practice.
Main part divide into several sections which will be used to address your goals and objectives. In the text make links to the sources used (source and page).
1. Describe the object activity practice: legal and organizational status, main tasks and areas, functions and organization activities.
2. The analytical part of the report explore those areas and indicators that are used for conclusions (e.g., the dynamics of customer growth, profitability, competitiveness of goods, etc.).
3. Describe methods and techniques that were used during the study of the organization and its activities.
4. Analyze the received information, the collected materials. Formulate conclusions and proposals drawn from the results of conducted analysis. Determine the practical value of your work for the organization. If this externship, specify the main provisions of the final qualifying work and develop a plan for her.
In conclusion, formulate the results of your research. Determine whether you have achieved the tasks.
The bibliography includes sources that you need when writing the report. Make a list in alphabetical order of authors ' names. Each source must include the surname and initials of author; full title of book; editors (if any); the city where the printed book; name of publisher; year of publication; total number of pages. Some universities facilitate the student's work and write the rules in the guidelines.
Applications complete materials for your research (tests, charts, diagrams, graphs, structures, etc.).
Provide a report at the enterprise the head of practice who will notarize your documents signed and stamped.