You will need
  • handle;
  • the presence of practice;
  • diary.
The diary practice, in contrast to the report on the practice - a brief fixing of the actions performed in the place of practice. Its supposed to be every day. It should look in the form of tablets, consisting of three columns. The first column is the date (days of practice), the second is what action, the third - the signature of the faculty supervisor. At the end of practice, its leader (i.e. the person who directly gave you orders) must be signed for each day your practice.
There are three types of practice, study, production and pre-diploma. During the study practice the student usually just oversees the work of the Department or Agency in which he / she is looking specimens for the most simple documents, performs the simple instructions. Rather, it performs about the same actions every day. It will therefore be quite reasonable, if every day he will record a set of similar actions. They do not need to describe too much detail (better to write "copying contracts", rather than "the copy of the contract of purchase and sale, supply and Commission"). But limited to two or three words (and especially reductions) is not worth it.
During practical training the student expect that he will take part in the work of the division of the company or institution, where the practice. Also a good idea for him to start to choose the material for the diploma. This is reflected in the diary - along with the above-described functions. For example, the law student, who is going to write a diploma on copyright, you can write about the study of copyright agreements.
The essence of pre - diploma practice- to collect material for the future of the diploma, especially if it is necessary to reflect some minimal practical research. In diary practice can focus on the research function (if you take the same example with the law student, you can write about the analysis of court cases on disputes related to copyright).
As a rule, it is required that the supervisor (or authorised employee of the company) put on the internship journal printing company. It should not be forgotten, as the Department internship journal without printing can not accept.