You will need
  • computer, the possibility and place of internship
Production and pre-diploma practice is needed in order that you could make obtained during the training theoretical knowledge to real-life situations and develop professionally important skills and abilities. A report on undergraduate practice is clearly done by you in practice work in the preparation and writing of the diploma. In addition, a significant part of the report – and that containing the justification of the study and your designs, calculations, tables and diagrams, correction programs and obtained the output data, you can safely include in your diploma.
Undergraduate report must include the purpose, objectives, formulate hypotheses and description of the main structural stages of the practice itself. For example, if you conducted a case study – you just need to provide information about the sample subjects. If your diploma is a mathematical calculations and it is rather more symbols and formulas, rather than letters, make the first text meaning of the symbol, or another letter of the Greek alphabet. When their further using in the text you will be able to get rid of a little blood – just their symbol. On the specialties and faculties with the artistic direction as a diploma represent theatrical performances, paintings, models, wood products and leather and so on. In this case, the report on pre-graduation practice will be descriptive of the stages of the creative impulse of the time.
If during practice, you inspired the organization or enterprise to continue to use their undergraduate research – be sure to sign the deed on their implementation. This will be a significant bonus as the protection of practices and the protection of the diploma.