The practice report is a document that contains information about the place of practice, the manufacturing process of the base practices as well as recommendations for the improvement of production resulting from production monitoring and participation. It must match the practice plan - a list of tasks to be performed by the student during the internship. Typically, the report is signed by the person who performed the role of head of manufacturing practice. The report size is usually from 15 to 40 pages, depending on the base of practice.
Internship journal - the document that carries information about obtaining and executing the current practical tasks. The diary is relatively free form and contains columns: date, assignment, signature of the head. Each task must be marked by the signature of the Director. The end of the diary shall be signed by the Manager, and him as for a report, stamped by organization.
Feature - document drawn up by the head of the organization-production practices. There were positive and negative points highlighted for the student during the internship. Characterization typically takes from one to two pages of text. At the end of data head writes to any assessment for manufacturing practice deserves this student. Characteristics to be certified by the signature and seal of the organization.