Filling the section "General information", you must specify all the information about yourself. On the first page place your initials, name of Department, your specialty and group. Also here is written the name of the company where you went to practice, the initials of the leader with whom you pass practice at the enterprise. Then write your surname, name, patronymic of the person who is responsible for previous you practice from the Department of your school. It is important that the diarywas all of the signatures and stamps of the company, the date of your arrival and end of practice. If practice assigned to another city, then the date of departure from academic buildings, and the date when you arrived at practice.
The second page is a graph of a trainee on appointed position. This problem is solved in the place of passing of practice, taking into account the capabilities of a particular enterprise. This kind of plan practicesthat you will do. The category of "Individual work" is the easiest way to make as a table where the column will be about the number, content of work, terms, report. Try to articulate the content of your labor and determine the form of the report. A report can have free-form: your observations, research, even the developed program.
The next few pages of your notes in more detail. The final part is a review of two leaders, evaluation of your practice by specialists of the enterprise. All depends on the situation and the subject you chose, and from which suggestions and recommendations will give your head the practice.