You will need
  • - Microsoft Word
  • - A4 sheets;
  • - handle.
Make a booklet from A4 sheets. To do this in Microsoft Word, select landscape orientation in page setup, and divide the sheet into 2 columns using the corresponding icon on the toolbar. Number the pages, starting from the 3rd. Keep in mind that when printing the right side of the sheet is the first page of the diary, and the left – last page.
Decorate the cover of the diary. Insert the top cap (with the name of your school), in the center write "Diary of a student on externship" and at the bottom, city and year of implementation practices.
Make the title page. Again at the top type cap, under it in a column write the names of the following items: address of the institution, faculty, Department, faculty supervisor from the University, phone (meaning the phone number of the head), practice leader from the enterprise, phone. A couple of spaces in the centre of the subtitle "DIARY" and below in a column: for externship, a student at (such and such) a course (such and such) group, a specialty, place of practice, period of practice (from/until a certain date and number of weeks).
Make a calendar work plan of the student. In Microsoft Word insert a table consisting of 5 columns. The name of the 1st column – "n/p" next column "description", "Beginning", "Ending", "the name of the head of the enterprise". Use this worksheet to record the theme given work week. For example, week 1 – familiarization with the enterprise; 2-3 weeks – participation in the work of the organization, performing certain functions and the last week – organize material for compilation of report on practice.
Complete the diary at the externship. On the next page type the heading "Diary of a student" and insert a table with 4 columns: "№ p/p", "date", "summary of the work of the Intern" and "Comments and signature". Table of diary practice will take more pages, because it is necessary to paint every day.
Fill in the rest of the pages. Some schools require you to include in the diary of internship report, individual assignment, review of externship, etc.