Start with the characteristics of the company where you interned. Specify its legal status. Tell us about the history of its creation, development, activities, staff, branches structure. List the main economic indicators and achievements in the market.
Provide details about the services provided by the company. Will focus on all aspects of the organization activities, consider the issues of logistics and product distribution. List the competitive advantages of the company. Tell us about the relationship with customers, existing loyalty programs and sales promotions.
Describe the positions you held in the industrial practice. List the features of the profession, job responsibilities, composition and working procedures. Tell us about your typical working day: what tasks were set before you as you did them and how it is reported to the leadership.
What are the main difficulties you encountered. Try to analyze the reasons why you could not cope with a particular task. List the main methods of solving the emerging challenges and insights you have made in the course of work. Suggest ways to help prevent similar problems in the future.
Dwell on your skills: this can be called a key in your report. Tell us what you can see in the production practice, what goals were you able to solve in the process.