First of all, you need to determine what kind of reportyou need and be single or work. One-time reports are typically structured according to the results of specific activities, and allow workers to periodically analyze employee performed the work (volume and outcome).
Periodic reports can be: daily (can be used for monitoring critical short-term projects or during the probationary period of an employee), weekly (the most frequent), monthly, quarterly and such reports contains a large amount of analytical information is available and it is usually senior management).
So, how to make a report about the work right?
First, you need to set a date for the reportand to plan in your schedule time of its preparation. It may be a small amount of time every day or specifically allocated time for preparing the reportand most importantly not wait until the deadline.
First of all, let's define the ultimate goals of their work. In its content the report should be informative, clear and preferably concise. Don't forget about the "rule of seven" which says that our consciousness is able to effectively learn at the same time 7 items (+/-2). Accordingly, in the reporte, it is desirable to allocate exactly this number of points or sections.
It is important to be able to focus on the results of their activities, describing what tasks were performed, and not simply list the completed actions for a certain period.
For greater clarity, provide your answer with tables, figures, charts.
The situation is easier, sat in your company has already developed versions of the reports (forms, tables that need to be filled, making your comments )
Of great importance, not only what you wrote in a reporte, but how it is sent. Here we should remember the Golden rule: daily reports are sent at the end of the day, not the next. Weekly Friday evening and not Monday morning.
Another tip: before you send your report, read it again, try to do it through the eyes of his superiors. What questions do you have any? You might need something to Supplement, or Vice versa somewhere to simplify the information.