You will need
  • - the introduction and the main part of the report on the practice;
  • guidelines for preparing the report;
  • - a computer with a text editor.
Write the report itself. Sample design this document is usually given at school, as well as guidelines for him. Read them carefully. They are the exact requirements to such works undertaken in your school. There are some General requirements. For example, the conclusion should be quite short. It takes no more than two pages.
Specify in what production process you participated in during practices, technologies and scientific developments in this applied whether the technology development team of the company, or have been adapted to the specific needs of the existing one. Consider whether the firm's resources to work on this technology. If the answer is negative, analyze what's missing from the enterprise for more success. This will be one of your conclusions.
Rate the human resources of the company. Write how many employees what kind of specialties there working, as far as their number and qualifications meet the needs of production. If you noticed that some professionals is clearly not enough, don't forget to specify it. The output might look something like this: "Thus, the company has sufficient human capacity for the successful implementation of the process of production of a certain product".
Briefly describe the difficulties faced by the enterprise. Tell us about what, in your opinion, the company has the capabilities to overcome them. It can be a change in marketing policy, a new principle of organization of production, application of new technologies. The conclusion should be based solely on your own observations.
Think about what the firm's prospects. Have you seen new opportunities for development and what kind? Write whether the development of new technologies and what it needs. It will be another conclusion in your report.
Some universities require from the trainees to assess its own performance during practice. In conclusion about my own work, specify what you learned and how necessary to the enterprise professionals of your profile and your qualifications. Don't forget to write what production problems you helped solve.