Get the form for registration certificates on the production practice. Can you give the Dean of University instruction on how to properly fill out this document. If a paper you have not given, you can arrange it yourself.
Make the document title "help". In the text write, to whom it was issued - the surname, name and patronymic of the student, the name of his place of study, Department and specialty. Also please record the full name of the organization, which carried out the practice, and the title of the position for which employed student. Complete document showing the dates of the internship on the production of, and reassure him signed by the supervisor and the seal of the organization.
Received a certificate, forward it to the Dean's office of your faculty. She will be registered as proof of your participation in the production practice.
Except help don't forget to checkout other documents necessary to complete your practice. In particular, it relates to the report. We should make it dependent on the methodological recommendations of the head of your specialization. Students, engineers, passing practice in manufacturing, can be the task to describe in the report the specifics of any technological process implemented in a particular organization.
Get from the leader in the enterprise review of your practice. In it, he must indicate your strengths and weaknesses during training, the presence or absence of necessary knowledge and skills. Also, the opinion must specify the rating that he puts on for your activity at the enterprise. All of these documents are also sent to the Dean's office. Depending on the requirements of the Department, you may be advised to prepare an oral presentation to a defense of report on practice.