The content of the diary

That day when you arrived at practice, you will become acquainted with the head of the organization, with staff, study the principles of its activities, structure, established rules of conduct for employees of the company. Also, you will be instructed on safety, which will be recorded in the journal of the organization. In the section of the diary, designed to record student information on the completed work, specify the appropriate date and briefly describe your first day.

For example, the "12.05.2014 arrived at the practice in the company "Stroyplast" Sterlitamak. After the distribution was sent to the General Department to the Secretary Ivanova Alexandra V., which was appointed to lead the practice in the Department of the enterprise. With her discussed is composed of the Department practice plan. A. V. Ivanov familiarized me with the internal regulations of Strojjplast, OOO, regime working day".

If you pass the practice in some public institutions, which are based on a sufficiently large number of normative acts, the study of the latter can take a whole day, it also note. This point is particularly relevant if you are a student of the legal profession. In the diary in this case it is possible to make the following entry: "27.03.2014 studied the regulatory framework governing the activities of the court. Acquainted with the records of the office".

On other days, list all work you have done for the day. A good example may be the record: "29.03.2014 g. complete inventory of materials for the cases; was involved in the formation files, studied the written addresses of citizens with complaints about violations of their rights; drafted a statement of claim".

An important moment in the course of practice in any organization is the study of archival materials. If you some days of practice I had to work with the archive, it also must be noted in the diary.

Things to remember

At the end of each working day, you need to give the diary to the approval of your supervisor. Record of the work done be sure to enter daily. This will help when writing the report. If the entry made by you is untrue, opposite her signature attached to you head. After finishing the practice, you need to give the diary to check all your entries, and affixing the necessary signatures and seals.