You will need
  • - diary of practice
  • - statements
In the review of the practice note where it took place, the time, who was the head of the practice at the enterprise.
Specify the goals for practice, your supervisor in the school, in what ways they were achieved.
Describe the activities of the enterprise as a whole. For this you will need the assistance of the company's management, as they have access to information that would be required to analyze the operation of the enterprise.

If you write a report on practices in the field of Economics, analyze the financial activity of the enterprise, determine profitability, calculate key ratios, understand, and reflect in the opinion performance indicators. All this make on the basis of statements kept by the chief accountant or the Director.
If the report for the faculty of management, describe the structure of the enterprise, analyze personnel structure and the basic methods used for the management of staff, tell us about the corporate culture.

For report on marketing please describe the marketing activities of the service, if it is in the enterprise. Analyze the market in which the company operates, research the competition, the demand of products or services, marketing.
The faculty of accounting and audit will consider the methods used for accounting, don't forget to include taxes paid by the company.
When you write a review on jurisprudence describe the activities of the structures based on which was held the practice, in addition, be sure to check the codes on their specialization.

In their report on the Humanities will review and explore a specific topic set by the lecturer at your institution.
Describe the relationship with the team, the head of the practice, as you perceived by other employees.
Next, write about what new information you received during the internship, what you found interesting, and what difficulties arose. Decided whether the tasks? Make a conclusion, expressing the overall impression of the practice.