Start with the exact data required to populate the conclusion of the practice. What are the full name, surname and patronymic of the student. Specify the exact name of the enterprise, commercial organization, school, where the student interned. Put the exact time of passage of the student practice. Write, under whose leadership took place the practice, if head unchanged.
Describe the quality of the student performing their professional duties. Conclusion at the end of practice must include a detailed report of how students met the level requirements to a young specialist, had the Intern the necessary professional knowledge and skills. Whether the student is able to apply theoretical knowledge in practice. Indicate if the Intern seeks to improve his knowledge, to correct mistakes, to learn and process new experiences. Reflect the degree of autonomy in its work. Whether the work is done completely, did the student with all tasks.
Describe the personal qualities of the Intern. How quickly he learns, whether he could adapt to new circumstances. Pay attention to qualities such as diligence, industriousness, punctuality, accuracy, activity, initiative, mobility, if they were manifested. Check all the positive properties of the student. Give an example of when he showed his best side. What are the shortcomings that were prominent in the activities of the Intern. How often they were shown how influenced the success of the work.
Tell us about the relationship of the student with the team. How successful, it's about cooperation, could the Intern to build a proper professional relationship with temporary colleagues.
Remember that the conclusion of the practice is a legal document and requires the use of the business style of writing. Avoid overly subjective personal assessments. How right you reflect during student practice depends on the final grade for her.