Production practice gives the student the opportunity to finally verify the correctness of its choice. During its passage it can check their professionalism. Of course, especially important and responsible task he can not get, but is quite capable of ordinary work by the contractor and to take part in solving common industrial problems.

Manufacturing practices, in addition to helping managers meet with new staff and if they are worthy, to invite them to their work after graduation. Today, when the guaranteed distribution of graduates after institutes no longer works, on production practice, students are given the opportunity to show and prove.

The student while working on the production has the opportunity to explore the real situation and to test obtained during the studies the knowledge. It can make their own decisions, justifying loyalty to their findings before the faculty supervisor. Future specialist learns of subordination, work in a team, gets the skills.

Passing only a theoretical course and gain practical knowledge in universities, students do not always clearly understand what actually they have to do in the workplace. About the ways that lectures, they have a very vague and rough idea. In a production environment students will acquire the knowledge that sometimes are interesting even for their teachers reading reports about the practice.

Practice in the enterprise – a great reason to choose a theme and pick a good actual material for the writing of the thesis, which will make its report before the state Commission which are of practical interest and worthy of the highest praise.