You will need
  • - workbook;
  • teaching diary;
  • - characterization of the class;
  • - characteristics of the student;
  • - a feature on you.
Start the report with the title-page. Enter your personal details, name of the institution where you are studying, but also your course and faculty. Here write the name of the head of the practice, the teacher from whom you've passed it and the school.
On the next sheet to provide a brief analysis of the practice, the content of which try to answer basic questions such as: what have you learnt in practice; easy was contact with pupils; what moments caused difficulties; how you solved a similar situation; did the teacher help, and what. Express your desires on the organization of practice in the future.
Attach to the report a pedagogical diary, which must be maintained throughout the practice. It cites the results of observations of class, the analysis of educational work with students. One of the main points of the diary is to collect data that will be needed for writing the practical part of the coursework or thesis (depending on type of practice).
Make a General characterization of the entire class, as well as one or more separately your chosen students.
Attach a workbook in which you had a specific pattern to outline the lessons, conducted on practice. Based on these data, and prepared the main text of the report.
If you performed the duties of the class teacher and attach the materials on extra-curricular activities, conducted with students (visits to exhibitions, scenarios, competitions, themes, extracurricular hours, etc.)
Add your profile, made you a teacher in whose class you performed practice. This document should include an evaluation of your work and be stamped and signed by the Director of the school.
After drawing up the report, you must obtain the signature of the faculty supervisor. Hand in your report on supervised practice in the Dean's office no later than ten days from the moment of its completion.