A report on the practice is the inspection of educational and practical activities of students, contains introduction, just the report itself and the conclusion. The last section is a particularly important indicator of how the trainee dealt with theoretical and practical tasks.
One of the main task of the report on the practice – to teach students the analysis and introspection of the work done. The conclusion is that part of the report, which is almost completely built on your findings and results.
To write the conclusion, go back to the introduction of your report in which you outlined the purpose of your work, intermediate objectives and theoretical statements (if any). In your conclusion, indicate whether you have achieved your goals. Select methods and approaches that seem most productive to perform this operation.
List the modern scientific trends that is useful to you in the course of practice. In its opinion, demonstrate not only comprehensive knowledge of theoretical and practical material and knowledge of interdisciplinary connections.
Focus on new, relevant and useful information obtained in the process.
List all professional skills that you acquired during internship (to work with new types of documentation, the mastery of specialized computer programs, the expansion of professional horizons).
Special attention will be incurred in the process, difficulties and ways to overcome them. The main causes of difficulty is the lack of experience of the young specialist and the significant separation of theoretical knowledge from the real situation.
Avoid in your conclusion, free retreats, state your conclusions concisely, respecting the logical structure of the narrative. The scope of the conclusion in the report on practice should not exceed two printed pages.