If the owner of a house, apartment or room and the management company has a corresponding agreement, the house book will be kept in the organization. Then you need only come and submit their data for registration.
If no such agreement exists, the house must be you as the owner of the premises. To get it, contact the local office of the Federal migration service. There you must apply to receive books. To make it will help the employee of the FMS.
Before the visit, gather all required documents. Take the passport of the dwelling, as well as the document confirming your right of ownership to it. If you are the owner of a private house, you will need documentary evidence that the land on which the building, you own or lease.
Collect the passports of all family members who will live with you, make copies of documents. If you are married, attach marriage certificate.
The design of the house, which you receive or buy is established by the Annex to the regulation on the registration account. Opening the Annex No. 11, check whether the signed header and the columns in the book. In the header of the document must be specified building, and apartment number, street name and locality.
In the first section shall contain information about the owners of the house or apartment of their surnames, names, patronymics, the period of ownership, the share of the dwelling and its size.
The second section of the house reserved for the recording was people in the room. The first column indicates the name and place of birth. The second date of birth. Then mark on the military registration, the data of the passport or another document proving the identity. In the last two columns of table stamped on the formulation and withdrawal of registration by place of residence. In both cases, put the date.