The history of the periwinkle is very interesting, they averted disaster, drove away evil spirits, used in divination. But perhaps these qualities attract modern gardeners in this flower, it is wonderful living in rocky soil. And if the soil is improved by fertilizers, even a little, periwinkle gratitude to decorate your garden elegant and delicate bluish-purple carpet. Only twelve known subspecies of the periwinkle, but any variant are equally viable.

Watering the Vinca almost not needed, it is rainfall and moisture from the soil very firmly withstand even prolonged drought. This flower is quite resistant to winter cold and frost, but if you prefer pubescent periwinkle, it is better for the winter shelter his pillow of leaves.

Breeds this adorable little guy seeds, and can be grafted, it is possible to divide the hive. More common the last two options. Planting periwinkle in the ground, it would be correct to keep the distance between cuttings is 30-40 centimeters. For the season, small periwinkle will fill the entire area around the planted cutting.

No disease, no pests do not carry a health risk to the carpet of periwinkle. Flowers and simplicity periwinkle is very similar to the Veronica, also a plant of the groundcover. In addition, it has medicinal properties, about which much is written in the literature about medicinal plants.

The most famous types of barvinkiv that attract growers, the large periwinkle, small periwinkle, herbaceous and pubescent. Faster all of their relatives in the lush carpet becomes small, but a lot more decorative. Flowering in all species lasts for a month. The weakness of the herbaceous periwinkle is that he doesn't like too moist of soil, but that's its only drawback. Fallen autumn leaves covered with periwinkle will be a wonderful blanket, packing plant during the winter cold.

The one who will lead in his garden periwinkle will be surprised how beautiful and delicate this living carpet as gracefully trail shoots of periwinkle on the ground, a beautiful bluish flowers.