You will need
  • - passport with registration;
  • - documents for the apartment;
  • - excerpt from the book.
Check with the former owner, if he was going to leave the phone in an old apartment or will be transferred at the new place of residence. With the phone, which was in your old apartment, you are in the presence of the operator technical capabilities can also act as you see fit. Your further actions depend on these circumstances. They also affect the cost of renewal, and very significantly. As a rule, in big cities, when moving from one area to another to move to a new residence old phone number does not happen, and best of all at the same time to abandon the old number and get another one.
If the former owner doesn't want his old phone number, and you calmly break up with that was once you, contact your service provider with the application for renewal you Can negotiate with the former owner and sent to the office of the telephone company together. Don't forget to bring both passports. Those who will fill out the paperwork, should know that the former owner retired, and this needs to be confirmed. In this case, you will have the opportunity to immediately abandon the old number and get a new one, which will significantly reduce costs.
You may need documents of title to the apartment and an excerpt from the book. The certificate of ownership is required if you are not registered telephones in the room. Administration of telephone exchange is entitled to require from you an excerpt from the book if the month from the date of registration of the contract of purchase and sale has not yet passed, and the former owner of the phone did not notify the telephone company that he has moved and refuses to phone.
Remember that to access the phone service provider must, before the expiry of 60 days from the date when the former owner lost the right to have telephone service room. The best option is 30-60 days. In this case, you will not need additional documents, but at the same time, the operator is still obliged to keep the room reserved for you. After the 60-day period, the operator has the right to dispose of the room as I see fit.
In each region the rates for renewal can have their own. But if you were not a subscriber of the telephone network, you to pay you will have the same as paying new subscribers when the phone is connected. Abandoning the old number, you will only be charged for the renewal.
To rewrite the phone number, which is received in the inheritance apartment, you need the same documents that you used to purchase. If you have already entered into the inheritance and registered at the new place of residence, bring your passport. If you've lived in this apartment before, but the phone was recorded for a deceased relative, you can just rewrite it yourself, presenting the death certificate.